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You are in control with McMain. Software for a firm hold on business apllications.

The most important benefits of McMain

  • User friendly

  • Simple and quick registration

  • Backoffice & frontoffice combined

  • Intuitive

  • Workflow oriented

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Overzichtelijke Management rapportage

  • Smart connections

  • excellent quality - price ratio

  • Self confiqurable

“McMain supports us with improving the overview of our service activities”

Ingrid Posthuma
Ingrid PosthumaPlanning Support Technical Deparment, Forbo Novilon

“Everybody currently works with 1 managementtool and that certainly improved the communcations. Not only does it save time, it also works much more efficient.”

Christina Verver-van Ek
Christina Verver-van EkManager Department of exact sciences, University Utrecht

“The flexibility of different OBS processing systems proved to be an obstacle. McMain is the only tool that is flexibel and scalable on all fronts”

Jaap van Houwelingen
Jaap van HouwelingenField Coordinator dep. ORS, Municipality Hardinxveld

“Gilde Maintenance is not only the best provider of software for maintenance firms, but also proved to be a valuable partner that thinks along.”

Sanne Carriere
Sanne CarriereDirecteur, Aqua Assistance

“McMain has helped us to us less paper nonetheless achieve more control over the entire maintenance. ”

Tjerk de Jong
Tjerk de JongTechnical Manager, Soprema B.V. (Previously known as Troelstra & de Vries)

“Every new version of McMain has convenient  and useful new elements which are explained in the free workshops and they can also be practiced there.”

Sjoerd de Vries
Sjoerd de VriesTechnical Service, UCC Coffee Benelux B.V.

“We appreciate the consultants of McMain because of their quick support and because they think along about possibilities for improvement.”

Matthijs de Leeuw
Matthijs de LeeuwTechnical specialist, Koninklijke Kampert en Helm Rotaform B.V

“Desires that we have are quickly and effectively picked up, enabling us to make quick steps forward.”

Martijn Spierenburg
Martijn SpierenburgProject Engineer TD, Main BV

“All maintenance operations are better under control after the use of McMain Software.”

Willem Planken
Willem PlankenSupervisor Maintenance, XL Systems Europe B.V. (National Oilwell Varco)

“After the commissioning of the McMain software, the preventive maintenance and the registration of malfunctions are well organized!”

Matthijs de Jong
Matthijs de JongInstallation Manager, T. Boer & Zn.

“The link between our NEN 3140 tester and McMain saves us a lot of time and therefore costs. Additionally everything is now logged in McMain which gives us quick access to all the test results.”

Andre Schrijver
Andre SchrijverTechnical service, Zehnder Group Nederland B.V.

Custom business
From small to large, McMain gives you the possiblities


McMain Lite


McMain Express


McMain Pro

McMain Lite

Because of the scalability of McMain the software could be inplemented in phases. This makes it possible to start with the basic McMain Lite version with 1 concurrent user. This sollution is ideal for small Technical Services with 1 or 5 employees or in the start-up phase in which there is input work to be done.

McMain Express

If you have a larger Technical Service from 5 to 25 employees, the McMain Express license would be more appropriate. Most companies with an internal Technical Department can work excellent with the McMain Maintenance Express version.

McMain Pro

Do you have special requests to customize screens or do you want the have workflows that run differently form usually, there is the McMain Maintenance Professional version.

The strength of our total solution

McMain Business Software

Mobile Interface




Mail Connection


Document management





McMain FAQ

What added value does McMain have instead of my ERP system?

McMain gives beter maintenance information which is often to limited in an ERP or Financial system

Are connections to other systems possible?

Yes, McMain has a special “Connector +” module available that can be connected to most formats.

How is the protection of the system regulated?

McMain provides an advanced user tool with every version. Within are profiles and passwords managable by the application manager.

Does the standard version of McMain have management reports?

Yes, McMain has many management reports available; but also reports that can be used daily in the workplace.

Can I make changes to the system?

Yes, with the advanced configuration tool that allows administrators to make adjustments and change settings.

Do users get to see all the functionality that the package has?

No, the system has for each discipline (function) a profile with unnecessary features removed.

Can I export data from McMain easily?

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool that exports the data from McMain to different formats with out any trouble.

Will I be automatically notified of incoming incident reports through the app?

Yes, the system informs you of new incoming messages.

Ja, het systeem informeert u over nieuwe binnengekomen meldingen.

Which user training or courses are available?

There are several targeted training available: from basic training Maintenance to special customized training at the module level.

Can I easily manage contracts with McMain?

Yes, you can easily manage contracts in the standard version of McMain with the duration and expiration date. It is even possible to link the contract document to the contract record or to a supplier.

Is McMain also available in rental form and if so: how does it work?

McMain is available in purchase and rental form. The rental form – also know as SaaS-solution – is an subscription form where you pay a monthly fee. You do not have to worry about the entire infrastructure.

I already have a package, do I lose my data when I switch to McMain?

No, many data formats / databases of most systems can  be imported using our MIS setup. ( McMain Import Sheet)

Is McMain available in multiple languages?

Yes, McMain is available in 5 languages. Besides the standard Dutch version McMain is also available in English, German, French, Spanish and turkish.

Which database types are supported?

McMain can be used in diffent database types and versions such as Oracle, Microsoft SQl and the Express versions.

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